Basics of Home Improvement – Painting Your Home

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Basics of Home Improvement – Painting Your Home

Paint is not as simple as it may seem. You may think that it’s simple, but as soon as you go into the hardware store and purchase paint, you are going to be hit with a lot of choices. In fact, many people don’t realize how complex this can become. If you aren’t careful, you could end up messing up your home by simply purchasing the wrong paint. Paint is important, and you will find that taking a few steps ahead of the project will help you get this done right. The following are a few tips to help you with basic DIY home improvement tips on painting interior and exteriors.

Prepare The Walls

The first thing that you should do is simple, make sure that you remove all the nails and issues that may be lurking. It’s easy to overlook nails, screws, and other elements that you have in and along the wall. Remove these things if you’re going to paint, and make sure that you also cover up any holes left behind. You will find that a little putty can go a long way here. If you do not fix this ahead of time, you’ll paint over them and it will look obvious that there’s something awry on your walls.

Remove All Oil

Your walls may have oil, or sticky elements on them. You need to make sure that your walls are absolutely ready for paint. That means going forward with spreading a degreaser to help with eliminating this along the walls. You do not want to paint on oil, as it will cause your paint to run and you will have uneven painting overall. “Do not begin until you’ve allowed ample time to dry things,” states Icon president which specializes as custom home builders in Chicago. “This will definitely allow you to get the right framework for paint.”


Applying Primer

There are some paint options that have both primer and paint in one, however, if you don’t go with that, you can save a little money by doing it separately. You will want to prime your walls so that the coats of paint stick. Otherwise, you will be applying uneven paint across your walls and it will look painfully obvious that there is something awry. In some instances, you may have to sand your walls, so make sure that you take things slow here.

Start Painting

Once you have let the primer dry, you are going to want to have your supplies ready to paint. HGTV suggests getting painters tape, rollers, cans of paint, and put down anything that you want to protect in case you are going to be painting with furnishings around the area. Investing in a good set of tools will help this project move along with relative ease. Don’t skimp on supplies, get a good roller, paint brush, rags, and masks. Once you have these ready, make sure that you have plenty of ventilation available, and get to your first coat of paint. Once you’re done with coat number one, take time to let things dry and then apply further coats if need be. Done right, this project can illuminate any area in your home with relative ease.

Big Ideas For Designing Little Baths

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Have you ever dreamed on having one of those beautiful and glamorous high-end bathrooms that are usually featured in your favorite home improvement magazines? The good news is that you can get one of those. However, the size of your bathroom will determine the best you can achieve with it. The following design ideas are capable of turning your little bathroom into a luxurious room.

Some homes with old designs will tend to suffer from small bathrooms that usually measure around 5 ft by 8 ft in length. In order to overcome some restrictions that might not allow this dream to come to actualizing, scaling or evacuating some item in your bathroom will help.

Replacing your sink with the long counter and cabinets for a pedestal sink will help you to push up your limits. Also changing the color to light colored tiles and paint can help you overcome feeling like your bathroom is cramped.

Asian inspired design as being identified to be of help when considering on the class of colors that would brighten and make your bathroom look expanded. If you would like to add a mix of modern elements with old designs, consider adding a powder room vanity with a Japanese feel. An all brown layout can also make your bath feel extra cramped, try mixing up the chocolate and deep brown colors with some quantity of white and beige to brighten the look.

Try to take advantage of all the space in your bath without making it look cramped. Vanity lighting and light wall colors can also create the feeling of more space, Try incorporating it into your plan also. For areas that require furniture, use light oak finish furniture.

For a feel of modern appeal in your bath, using horizontally tiled lines to create an illusion of more space with a pair of the frame-less mirror will make a way for the feeling of expansion. Other options include using ceiling and wall vanity to complement the space with a curbless shower and pair it with a small toilet to create a nice and luxurious feel.

Use the best of space in your bathroom by choosing a small and effective vanity to fine tune it into your taste. If at the end of the day, you seem to still have too much space left on your wall without anything left to cover it with, Then using a Zen way to decorate it by using a horizontal mirror can help you to stretch your wall space and create the illusion of a much larger bath. A dark framed mirror with thick framing is the best to use for this purpose.

I will also like to add that paint is not always the best way to make a cramped space feel bigger. Using a white marble tile and the frame-less mirror will work together to create the feel of a big space.

Luxury Home Construction Tips

Many of us have a vision of our ideal home in our minds. Suffice it to say, many of these ideal homes are exceptionally luxurious. Not necessarily ‘Gold platted’ luxurious, but fancy enough to be considered extravagant at the very least. Maybe you want a den with a revolving bookcase or maybe you want your bathroom to have fountains and a bathtub fit for royalty, whatever the vision, achieving it will take some planning. If you want to have the kind of luxurious home that you would be proud; or even the exact one that you envisioned, you will need to go through great lengths to make it happen. You can either buy it or have it custom built. If you do decide to build it yourself, here are some simple Luxury Home Construction Tips that will help you bring this vision to life.

Luxury Home

Simple Luxury Home Construction Tips

The design matters

Have you ever seen someone dressed in extremely expensive clothes yet they still manage to look tacky? This mostly happens when someone is devoid of style. When designing your luxury home, it is more than just about the size of the property. You need to bear in mind what kind of overall look you want to achieve. You need to take into account the functionality of the house and how everything fits nicely and fluidly together. That is why it is often advisable to hire the services of a highly creative and experienced architect, someone you can share your vision with and who can draw that vision down and transform your dream into workable construction plans.

The kind of wood you use matters

It is easy to gloss over a few things when trying to build a luxury home on the cheap. Many construction companies are using manufactured materials nowadays and try to pass those off as premium wood finishing. Although these may look good in the beginning, they will not last. When looking to build a luxury home, the kind of wood used matters. For starters, it has to be real wood. As a buyer and a homeowner, you should insist on only having the highest possible wood grade used. For example, you could use premium-grade Douglas fir. Even though lower grades are available at a more affordable price, the premium grade is defect free and simply oozes class.

Make use of classic, timeless style elements

There are quite a number of style elements that can be considered classic and timeless. For example, people who use marble such as Italian Carrara know that it has a beautiful shade of white that is simply divine. This kind of marble always looks clean, it is exceptionally durable and easy to maintain. What most people forget is that luxury doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated. Simplicity is often the best course of action. Choose timeless and classic neutral colors and materials that do not over-complicate matters.

However, if you want to go above and beyond, you can include antique European parquet floors while you are at it as well as mahogany French doors and beautifully hand-cut tiles. It is all about your taste and style.